I am Paca Chica! I am a secondary school teacher from Spain and I love my job.

In this website you will find a wide range of Free PDF song worksheets and some interesting visual resources (Blog) to use in your class.  We play a vital role in our students’ engagement and motivation and all these materials have been very useful in my lessons.

When I was young I fell in love with the English language because I was always listening to music in the radio, but I found extremely boring the English subject at my school.When I finished school, I went to the university and got my degree at Translation and Interpreting…and then I travelled the world for several years! I lived in New Zealand, UK and USA for a while. After these years living abroad I realized that English language was the way to connect with plenty of people from all around the world!

So, when I became a teacher I promise myself that I would do anything for my students to feel motivated in class and see the language as an opportunity to communicate with the rest of the world…not only as a boring set of rules. That’s the reason why I use the songs in my classroom everyday.

Sharing is caring, so feel free to use all these materials and share them.

Lots of love,